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Why LServices - Air Duct Cleaning ?

We have come to understand that exceptional service is delivered by knowledgeable and personable experts.

For this reason, we have implemented a rigorous recruitment process to ensure that our team comprises the most outstanding professionals in the industry. We are certified by NADCA and Certified Ducts to able to get the most updated knowledge about the industry.

We have absolute faith in each of our technicians to provide you with unparalleled service.

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Your satisfaction is our mission 🙂

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We improve indoor air quality with experienced and qualified teams, delivering the best quality service.


LServices guarantees a fresh and allergy-free environment for your home or business.


Our air duct cleaning service is efficient and available at various budget levels for you to benefit from.

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At our company, we prioritize you,
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Services We Offer

Residential Cleaning

We offer comprehensive residential cleaning services, including essential duct cleaning to improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Our team of experts delivers efficient and thorough cleaning services, ensuring your satisfaction.

Commercial cleaning

We provide comprehensive commercial cleaning services, including essential duct cleaning to ensure a healthy and contaminant-free workplace. Our team of experts delivers efficient and thorough cleaning services, prioritizing your satisfaction and exceeding your expectations.

Industrial cleaning

Industrial cleaning services cater to the needs of industrial facilities and use specialized equipment and cleaning agents to remove dirt, grease, and contaminants. Both services are crucial for maintaining a clean and safe work environment.

Dryer vent cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning removes lint and debris to prevent fire hazards and improve dryer performance. Both services are crucial for maintaining safety and comfort and should be performed regularly by a professional service provider.

Coil/Condenser cleaning

Coil/condenser cleaning improves HVAC system efficiency and prevents breakdowns. Both services are crucial for maintaining functionality and safety and should be performed regularly by a professional service provider.

Disinfected and sanitize treatment

Disinfecting and sanitizing treatments are additional measures that can be taken to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses from the air ducts and surfaces, promoting a safe and healthy environment. Both services are important for the maintenance of air quality and preventing the spread of illnesses in a building. Regular professional duct cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing treatments are recommended for optimal safety and cleanliness.

Air purification

Air purification removes harmful particles from the air using technologies like HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, UV-C light, and ionizers. It is crucial for improving indoor air quality, especially for individuals with respiratory issues or weakened immune systems. Choosing the right air purification system is important for optimal results.

uSER Reviews

Hundreds of clients trusts LServices.

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The service was quick and professional. I’ll definitely recommend this company. They even provided a video of the finishing result. A+

Brandon T.

Very knowledgeable and keen on helping meet my needs, even when difficulties arose. Transparent in their method and great price!

JD Florez

Great job! Efficient, on time and knowledgeable and most of all my dogs loved them! And they were so kind to them! I will definitely call again.

Lisa Carter

They scheduled me very quickly and the techs were really nice and very professional. They had no problem answering all of my questions. Overall great experience. Highly recommend!

Richard Gared


This company has earned the reputation for trustworthiness. Price was exactly as quoted. The technicians were cordial and polite and did an amazing and speedy job.

Megan Shaw


The entire team from LServices was great to work with. They were timely, thorough, honest, diligent, and all this for a great price!! Highly recommend them for improving indoor air quality.

Abby Bishop

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