UV Light Air Purification System


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Patriot Carbon is an air purification device that can be installed within your air ducts to improve indoor air quality throughout your home. The unique design of Patriot Carbon addresses both biological and chemical contaminants found in indoor air that standard air filters do not catch. Patriot Carbon’s core components are a UV-C lamp and activated carbon cells. This combination of UV-C light and activated carbon achieves unmatched microbial and odor reduction without producing any harmful ozone.

Patriot Carbon is installed in the ductwork of your central air system so it can treat the air circulating through your system. As airborne contaminants pass by in the air stream, Patriot Carbon removes and sterilizes them.

  • UV-C Light: Patriot Carbon’s UV light acts as a catalyst for airborne microbes. Exposure to this UV-C light destroys bacteria, viruses, and other biological pollutants in your air.

  • Activated Carbon: At the heart of Patriot Carbon is a matrix of activated carbon cells. These cells attract and hold odors and chemical contaminants. The cells are self-cleaning and the system is virtually maintenance-free.

When these two components work together to purify your air stream, the result is cleaner, healthier, and fresher indoor air.


  • Purifies air in the whole house
  • Neutralizes odors & toxic VOCs
  • Fights mold, bacteria, viruses
  • Inhibits HVAC mold growth
  • Improves indoor air quality


  • Duct-mounted
  • Easy to install
  • Lifetime carbon cells
  • Ozone-free
  • Lifetime warranty

Indoor air pollution is often five times worse than outdoor air pollution. Allergens, particulate matter, mold, germs, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are common indoor pollutants that diminish indoor air quality. Air filters in typical HVAC systems can remove larger contaminants like allergens and particulate matter, but germs and VOCs (chemical vapors) are small enough to still flow through the filters and remain in your air stream. The only way to remove these is with the addition of an air cleaner, or purifier, like Patriot Carbon. Patriot Carbon is especially effective against potentially toxic VOCs, which are the source of nearly all bad smells.

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