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YYC Builders believes the quality of the products we use is what makes us who we are that is why we use Glowstone Track Lighting Systems. Glowstone Track Lighting Systems are the only Canadian lighting available that solders and heat shrink their light strings together. The more plastic and copper connectors that a company uses in a string of lights the better chance you will run into failure and problems in the Canadian cold.


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YYC Builders uses the best quality Christmas lights for our installations and that is why the houses we install lights on look the best on their block!


What our customers says

Lisa Desilets Read More
I’m so glad I worked with YYC Builders to make my house festive! I was able to select the colours of my choice for lighting and the team purchased and installed Christmas Lights for me in time for the holiday season, and they will return in the New Year to take them down! Thanks so much to Jared and the team for making this happen so easily and I am incredibly happy with the results!
Simran Assie Read More
We had YYC Builders Inc. install Christmas lights over this past holiday season. Jared was an absolute pleasure to deal with and he made sure to communicate with us throughout the entire process. He never wanted to secure a deposit when installing the lights, but rather mentioned that he would not collect until we were completely satisfied with the service we received. His customer service was amazing and I would continue to use YYC builders every season for this particular service. Since we had such a great experience the first time, we will also be contacting YYC Builders regarding our fence in 2021. Thanks again, Jared!
Bryce McNallie Read More
Just had YYC Builders out for a Christmas Light install last night and could not be happier with the finished product. Jared arrived on time and ready to go, the job was completed quickly and with excellent results. My wife and I will definitely be using YYC for future light installs and would recommend it to others in the area!


  • Glowstone Track Lighting Systems are the only Canadian light company that offers an ultra low-temperature rating of -55 degrees
  • They also offer a lifetime waterproof rating, meaning they have a lifetime waterproof warranty against Canadian winters
  • Glowstone Track Lighting Systems are also the only Canadian Lighting company that offers a product that is fireproof. Meaning you will never have to worry about being in danger of a fire starting due to your lights.


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