Air Duct Cleaning Cost

Air Duct Cleaning Cost

Factors Determining Professional Air Duct Cleaning Cost

Air Duct Cleaning Cost – As you go about your life, your HVAC system is busy handling the indoor air in your home. As with everything else, however, these appliances ultimately garner dust, dirt, debris, and allergens. When left unaddressed, a dirty system not only becomes inefficient but also compromises the health and well-being of those in the household. That’s why it’s important to consider professional air duct cleaning.

When it comes to things like HVAC maintenance, every homeowner wants to save money. After all, we are living in difficult times where every single cent means a lot. Still, knowing if you’re getting a fair price on air duct cleaning can be challenging. At [COMPANY NAME], we provide professional air duct cleaning services to ensure quality indoor air without any hidden costs. Rather than advertising an air duct cleaning price with a special introductory cost or a coupon, we give tailored estimates based on an array of factors.

That being said, here are the primary factors that determine air duct cleaning cost:

  1. Size

It goes without saying that the size of your ductwork will play a role in the price. Most air duct cleaners charge by the vent or square foot. According to HomeAdvisor, the cost of cleaning ducts lies between $20 and $50 per vent. If they charge by the Sq. Foot, it will set you back between $0.15 to $0.25 per Sq Ft. On average the total cost for a 1500 to 2500 sq. ft house will be between $225 and $625. Bear in mind that some professionals may charge by the system, which can cost between $300 and $700 per unit.

  1. The Type of Ductwork

There are varying products and cleaning methods for fiberglass, foam board, rigid or flex ducts. Fiberglass or foam board ducts can be cleaned with power brushing, air washing, or contact vacuuming. Flex ductwork calls for specialized equipment and not every company may provide the service. However, rigid ductwork is easier to handle and almost every professional company provides the service.

  1. Accessibility

Many properties have entry points in the utility room or basement providing easy access to the duct system. If there are hard-to-reach areas in your attic or tight crawl spaces, be prepared for an additional charge. The overall price will vary depending on the location, scope of the project, and the air duct cleaning company.

  1. The Number of Vents

As mentioned earlier, air duct cleaning averages between $20 and $50 per vent and $40 to $70 per return vent. More often than not, the estimates are arranged in accordance with 4 pricing methods:

(i) Per Vent- Some companies will charge depending on how many vents are in your HVAC system.

(ii) Per Vent + Flat Fee- Others will charge a flat fee for the job plus an additional fee per vent.

(iii) Per Vent + Trip Fee- Some companies add a fee for their trip to your residence to cover the overhead expenses and then add the price per vent.

(iv) Per Sq. Foot- Others will take into consideration your property’s sq. footage to determine the overall air duct cleaning cost.

  1. Level of Contamination

In addition to dust, your ducts may have contaminants like pollen, bacteria, mildew, mold spores, dust mites and animal dander. The contamination level of your system will therefore play a role in determining the overall cost. The more contaminated your ductwork, the more time it will take to clean and thus, a higher price.

  1. Labor

Most air duct cleaning companies in [LOCATION] will charge by the number of vents or Sq. footage of your house. They rarely charge by the hour, but expect them to assess the level of contamination, air handler location, system size, as well as accessibility to determine how long the job will take.

Other Factors & Considerations to Make

When budgeting for the cost of air duct cleaning, keep in mind there will be extra price factors and considerations which can range from menial such as inspection fees and repairs to more substantial such as mold, asbestos, and pests.

Hire an Air Duct Cleaning Professional Today!

If you notice dust, dirt, debris, rodent droppings, insect infestation, or mold, it is time to have your air ducts thoroughly cleaned. Do not hesitate to reach out by calling our offices at (470) 439-7970 today!

Air Duct Cleaning Cost
Air Duct Cleaning Cost

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